Failed to land a blow when they travelled to Leicester

The Jarvis Nuclear Gladiators failed to land a blow when they travelled to Leicester on Tuesday (July 23rd) for their National League fixture against the Lion Cubs. The Gladiators struggled to find a consistent form from the start. Team Manager Mattie Bates said “the long and short of it is Leicester gated and we didn’t. We need to now really re focus on finding consistency at home from our meetings. Home wins are a must and picking up the odd points away are vital if we are to push for a top 4 playoff spot”. The Gladiators will now look to finding some form tonight at the Isle of Wight (July 25th) and on Friday (July 26th) in the first 2 legs of the Silver Ski Fours tournament. Bates added “there are some top National League riders lined up for this tournament such as Andres Rowe, Luke Bowen, Jack Thomas so it should create some good exciting racing”.

Gerry Sims